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Macroeconomics Tutor for New York University (NYU) – New York, NY

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Concerned with aggregation of individual choices

Firms – hire workers, investment, production, prices

Workers -how much to work, consume, save

Responses to policy: monetary (short-term nominal rates), fiscal (taxes, spending, deficits)

Micro choices + Policy: implications for

  1. GDP, Consumption, Investment
  2. Real wages, interest rates, inflation

Commonly asked Macroeconomics questions

  1. Why are some countries richer than others – students will learn about growth theories, long-run Solow Growth Model, Romer Model.
  2. Why are there recessions – students working with our macroeconomics tutor will go over business cycle concepts and the RBC framework.
  3. What causes unemployment?
  4. What determines the rate of inflation?
  5. How does the central bank set the interest rate?

Intermediate Macroeconomics topics:

  • Solow Model
  • Solow-Romer Model
  • Long-run Growth
  • Open Economy IS-LM Framework
  • Business Cycles and Short-run Fluctuations
  • Monetary Economics
  • Money and Banking


NYU Macroeconomics tutor Columbia Princeton Yale Solow Growth Dynamics New York


EconTutor hires graduate level macroeconomics tutors with in-class teaching experience. Our university level macroeconomics tutors prepare students for intro and intermediate level macroeconomics topics.

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Money and Banking
  • Labor Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • International Economics
  • Statistics I
  • Probability and Stats
  • Regression Analysis
  • Stata
  • MBA economics courses
  • Corporate Finance
  • Reviews

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