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Finance Tutor New York

What is Corporate Finance?

  • Capital Budgeting and the NPV Rule
  • Real Options
  • Payout Policy
  • Does Debt Policy Matter?
  • How Much Should A Firm Borrow?
  • The Many Different Types of Debt
  • Mergers, Corporate Governance, and Control
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Risk Management and Hedging

Aims an Objectives

  • Students taking Principles of Finance or Introductory Corporate Finance courses can work with our expert finance tutors in New York to develop a strong grasp of fundamental concepts of corporate finance and financial markets.
  • Our finance tutor will work through the fundamental and crucial knowledge about how corporations arrive at financial decisions and how financial products like stocks, bonds, commodities, and derivatives are valued and traded in financial markets.
  • Interested students can also learn key finance theories about market efficiency and behavioral finance theories.
  • Students will also develop an appreciation for the Markowitz risk and return portfolio, and capital asset pricing model (CAPM).
  • Overall, students looking for develop a strong foundation in finance can personalize a course for online or home tutoring in finance courses.

Why do we need valuation?

A key task of managers is to allocate capital among alternative projects:

  • Should we do any project at all?
  • Is project A better than project B?

Convert projects into numbers so we can compare.

We will focus on financial tools for quantitative valuation.
•These tools delivers precise numerical values.
•Net present value (NPV)
•Book rate of return
•Payback Period
•Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Key Resources used:

  1. Brealey, Myers, and Allen – Principles of Corporate Finance.
  2. Bodie, Kane, and Marcus – Investments.
  3. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ross, Westerfield, Jordan.

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