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Financial Economics Tutor in New York and London will work with you for coursework taught at NYU, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, LSE, Kings.

Topics in Financial Economics

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Topics include stationary time series models. Starting with basic AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA models. Students learn the relevance of stationary as a prerequisite for most of the time series tools. After that students learn modeling using ARCH and GARCH we add deterministic and time trends to the model. Students also test for unit root using Dickey-Fuller test, augmented Dickey-Fuller test and Phillips Perron tests. Next, students learn the concept of cointegration and error correction models. We test for cointegration using the Engle-Granger methodology. Lastly, we study vector autoregressive models and vector error correction models.

Our recommended textbook is Applied Econometric Time Series by Walter Enders of Iowa State University. In addition, we use the Applied Time-Series Econometrics by the Cambridge University Press as a supplementary textbook.

Other coursework includes financial econometrics, time series analysis, corporate finance and financial time series.

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Financial Econometrics Tutor – Real options and efficient markets lecture

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