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Microeconomics II – Sample questions

Todd consumes lemonades x_l and Mars bars x_m from the university store. Todd’s utility function is given by U(x_l,x_m)=x_l(x_m)^2. Initially, Todd’s income is y = 10 and prices are given by P_l = 2, for one unit of lemonade and P_m = 4 for one unit of Mars bar.

  1. Solve for Todd’s demand functions for lemonades (x_l) and Mars bars (x_m), and calculate their demand at the prices given above.
  2. In summer the price of lemonade in the university store increases to 4 per unit. Calculate Todd’s demand for lemonade at the new prices.
  3. Calculate the income and substitution effect of this price change on demand for lemonade.
Income and substitution effect
  1. Using a graph show that in case the consumer is consuming perfect complements, the change in demand due to change in price of one of the goods, will consist only of income effect and the substitution effect will be zero. Next, show using a graph, that in case of perfect substitutes, the change in demand due to change in price of one of the goods will consist only of substitution effect and income effect will be zero.
  2. A motorbike is essentially a combination of one engine x_e and two wheels, x_w, and thus these two commodities are always consumed in constant proportion 1:2. James is a motorbike enthusiast.

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