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Private lessons for economics in Miami, Florida for microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and corporate finance. Our economics tutor in Miami are well prepared to cover complete coursework in all economics and finance courses.

Exercise 1

  1. Hanna has $10 to spend on Coca-Cola and/or Coca-Cola costs $1 per bottle. This week, Pepsi is on sale and the first 4 bottles cost $0.50 per bottle instead of the regular $1 per bottle.
  2. Adam has $16 to spend on coffee or donuts. At the donut shop, coffee costs $1 per cup while donuts cost $1 each if you buy 6 or fewer donuts or 80c each if you buy 7 or more
  3. Jessa has $200 to spend on yoga or karate Jessa can take yoga classes at the Spiritual Yoga club. The club charges a $100 yearly fee and $10 per yoga class. She can take Karate classes with Kenji at a price of $40 per class.
  4. Sheldon has a daily cash budget of $12 to spend on roasted chicken and pasta. One hundred grams of roasted chicken cost $4 while one hundred grams of pasta cost $2. Pasta provides 400 calories per one hundred grams while roasted chicken provides 200 calories per one hundred grams and Sheldon must intake at least 1600 calories each day. What is Sheldon’s opportunity set?

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